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Wind Flower House offers fully furnished Serviced Apartments in Gurgaon & South Delhi and are a superior alternative to staying in a luxury hotel. Our Service Apartments are more spacious than hotel rooms and offer more facilities at a lower cost. Travelers can choose from two-bedroom, or three-bedroom units, so families and groups can comfortably share a single apartment instead of booking several hotel rooms.

Why Stay in Gurgaon Service Apartments instead of hotels?
Privacy: All of our Gurgaon Service apartments are much more private and quiet than any hotel could ever hope to be. In our Gurgaon holiday apartments guests can cook, relax and work without annoying interference from other guests or hotel staff. Our Gurgaon vacation apartments are perfect for business people coming for extended stays or for families - creating a much more home-style and cozy atmosphere than impersonal, commercialized hotels.

Low Prices: Our Gurgaon Service apartments are much less expensive than most hotels in Gurgaon and are definitely less expensive than hotels located in NCR while at the same time being in the very center of the city. Low prices and our locations make our Gurgaon Service apartments perfect for stays by business people who may need to come to Gurgaon often but would like to cut down on their travel expenses as well as families on a budget. Our Gurgaon Service apartments usually accommodate from 4 to 6 people depending on the number of bedrooms. When you do the math, using one of our Gurgaon vacation apartments is the most economical option for families and tourists coming to Gurgaon City.

Safety: All of our Gurgaon service apartments are in located in safe and secure buildings in good neighborhoods in NCR. Every building has a good outer door lock and/or an intercom system to ensure that our guests will not be gathered by outsiders.

Great Locations and Quality level: For the price of any Gurgaon apartment that we offer, our guests can stay in the very center of Gurgaon City. Feel the exciting pace of Gurgaon life and the rhythm of NCR. The cost for rooms in hotels in the same and similar areas of Gurgaon of the same quality are at least 3 times more expensive than our Gurgaon short term apartments.

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Customer Feedback
Very homely and comfortable stay. Good service.
Manfred, Germany

I'm very impressed with my accommodation at the Windflower Residence. It's very clean and quiet, with all the basic necessities.
Katherine Cohen, United States